January 08 2008
A new feature for the INTOI website. As from now you can register for the INTOI newsletter to be always up-to-date what happening with INTOI. So register now under 04-Contact.
November 26 2007
Great news: The INTOI Team is invited for this years Microsoft EU Innovation Days in Brussels on 4th December. Christian and Juergen will travel there to use this great opportunity to present the INTOI Project again in front of a great audience. Get more information on
November 12 2007
We won the mediacube in the category "mediatechnology". An award from the university of applied sciences in hagenberg, where the best annual projects in different categories were awarded. special greetings to the other 3 winners!
August 15 2007
We did it. We proudly announce that our Interface Design Team, Verena and Claudia, won the Interface Design Competition of the Imagine Cup 2007. Congratulations. Michael, Juergen and Christian reached the top 6 Teams in the Software Design Category and was the first austrian team who reached the top 6 finals.
July 10 2007
Hereby, we proudly announce, that we nominated in the mediengala 07, a national Austrian IT-competition. We are one of five nominated projects in the category media-technology. For more information, please visit the website
June 15 2007
Congratulations to our Interface Design Team! Today the world wide finalists of the Imagine Cup Web Competitions have been announced, and our Interface Design-Team, Claudia and Verena, are beyond the Top 6 of 60 entries in the Interface Design category. Now we will compete on site in Seoul, Korea, against the other 5 finalists.
June 04 2007
INTOI reaches World Finals of Imagine Cup 2007. INTOI took part at the world biggest programming and software-engineering competition - the Microsoft Imagine Cup. The title for this year is Imagine a world with better education, which is was INTOI basically does. INTOI won the Austrian competition in the Software Design-category and is currently ranked 2nd in the Interface Design category.

This means Intoi will compete in the world finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup in Korea with more than 50 other teams this summer. Thanks to anyone who helped us to make this possible. We will keep you posted.
February 27 2007
Open day at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg/Upper Austria on Friday, March 9th, 2007 from 9am to 7pm. You are invited to see INTOI live. Of course, you have the possibility to test the application and its features.
The Idea of INTOI
INTOI - Interchange of Ideas: Using several cutting edge technologies, we want to open new ways of brainstorming, presenting content and transfering knowledge. The interactive multiuser installation INTOI is being developed in C#, uses back projection, hand tracking, the Anoto technology and presents a new way of user interaction.
The users can draw and write on a digital projected surface with Anoto pens, load and create images, Videos, Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF files. Participants in a meeting can send their own files onto the projection surface, respectively to the INTOI application, by using one thin client application from the pool of INTOI Desktop - a plugin system comparable to the Windows Vista Sidebar.

The user-interface-design presents a new way of user interaction. Instead of classic drop down menus we build circular shaped recognition areas for switching tools or changing settings. It is possible to simply use the hand to navigate through the page, without invoking any scrollbars.
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